6000+ Mode Controllers Xbox One Customer Review

6000+ Mode Controllers Xbox One Customer Review

Hey, guys, I was recently given the chance to check out the 6000+ Mode Controllers Xbox One  and wanted to share my thoughts on it. Thanks to the guys at Mods “R” Us for letting me try the controller out.

The first thing I want to mention is the price, at under 100 bucks this is one of the cheapest fully modded controllers you will ever see! But even at the low price, the feel of the thing is just so solid that it really does feel great in your hands. The Xbox One already had a pretty damn good controller and this just makes it even better.

There is just a ton of different mods you can turn on and off with ease, but a couple of the highlights for me are the auto aim in zombies mode which let me get further than I ever would on my own! This was awesome as I have always wanted to get to the later levels. There are various mods that make playing as a sniper much easier. I used Sniper Breath quite a lot and it really did help me get a few more kills.

As well as playing a ton of Call Of Duty with this I also used it for Gears Of War 4 and there is even a special Active Reload mod just for GOW which makes nailing the active reload happen every single time. I even have used this controller with other games, with the mods turned off and it feels fantastic.

If you want more from your Xbox One controller then the 6000+ Mode Controllers Xbox One is the way to go. It is very easy to use and they even have some cool LED light customization options to choose from. The guys at Mods “R” Us are really cool and will also help with any questions you have.



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