Best Function Of Our PS4 And Xbox One Controllers

Best Function Of Our PS4 And Xbox One Controllers

One of the questions that we get a lot is what are the best functions of our modded controllers for Xbox One and PlayStation 4? Well to be honest with you this is a hard question to answer as each controller has so many cool and useful mods and it really does depend what kind of player you are, but here are a couple of the most useful mods our modded PS4 and Xbox One controllers have!

Quick Scope

How often have you been on the tail or stalking some other player only to screw up because you took too long to aim? Well the quick scope mod, aims as soon as you pull that trigger! So there is no wasted time messing around with the LT or L1 button.

Sniper Breath

Playing as a sniper in any Call Of Duty game is a ton of fun, but it requires a certain amount of skill. Meaning that some of us who would like to play as a sniper, simply cannot do it. With sniper breath activated, you do not have to mess around holding in one of the analogue sticks. You just have perfect and steady aim as soon as you pull the left trigger.

While these are just a couple of the mods that our controllers have one thing we have to tell you about is when you mix and match the mods and find which ones work best for your play style. If you have been looking for a way to make sure you are the best Call Of Duty player out of your buddies then our modded controllers are the way to go.


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