Getting The Most Out Of Modern Warfare Remastered

Getting The Most Out Of Modern Warfare Remastered

Here at Mods “R” Us, we noticed a lot of people were into our modded PS4 modded controller and our awesome, high-end Xbox One modded controllers. Right around when Modern Warfare Remastered was released. Well, the rumor is it is coming out on its own (so you do not have to buy Infinite Warfare) well to help you out we have a few general tips and thoughts for you on Modern Warfare Remastered.

Do Not Worry About KD Ratio

Far too many people get hung up about their KD ratio in Call Of Duty and that is especially true for Modern Warfare Remastered. People have been playing this game for the better part of a decade now so do not get discouraged if the first few games to not go your way. You will get better over time.

Make Yourself Hard To Hit

Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare have spoiled us by allowing sliding and wall running to avoid being hit. You do not have that luxury with Modern Warfare Remastered. You will have to learn to use the map to help cover you and just get used to basic ducking to hide.

Manage Your Loadout

One of the things many people love about Modern Warfare Remastered is the fact that the loadouts are not as complex as they are in the newer Call Of Duty games. That does not mean you can just pick a random loadout though. You still need to have a play around and experiment to make sure that you are using the loadout that fits your playing style. Practicing with all the different loadouts is a huge part of what makes Modern Warfare Remastered so much fun.


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