How A Modded Controller Helps With Call Of Duty

How A Modded Controller Helps With Call Of Duty

Here at Mods “R” Us, many of the fine folks who purchase our controllers do so with the intention to play some Call Of Duty. We think that is awesome and while most of our controllers work with a majority of first person shooter games. We really go all out to make sure that our mods work with most Call Of Duty games, especially the more modern ones.

The way that our modded controllers help with Call Of Duty is by simply making things much, much easier. For example, dropping to the floor to then shoot someone can sometimes take a few precious seconds, which by the time you have done it… you are dead! But with our mod, you will drop the second you hit the fire button, saving you time and saving your butt!

Quick, reload, sniper breath and auto aim in Zombies Mode are just a few of the other mods that really step up and help you no matter if you are playing an intense game online or just messing around with your buddies.

Once you master all of the mods and realize just how easy they are to use, you will wonder how you managed without them! They just really streamline the whole Call Of Duty experience and as you know. In Call Of Duty more often than not the person who does not die is the person who is the quickest!

So no matter if you are looking for a modded controller on PS4, Xbox One or PC controller, you will find the perfect modded Call Of Duty controller here. 


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