Play Battlefield 1… At Night!

Play Battlefield 1… At Night!

Sorry for that rather obscure, SpongeBob Squarepants reference, but EA blew people away with their latest reveal about Battlefield 1. Here at Mods “R” Us, we talk a lot about Call Of Duty. But our Modded PlayStation 4 controllers and our Modded Xbox One Controllers are just as well equipped and popular for Battlefield 1.

Anyway, what we want to talk about in our blog post today is being able to wage Battlefield 1 war on maps that are set at night. Now it sounds like a kind of weird thing to get excited about, but the Nivelle Nights map really does look incredible. We could not be any more impressed with the level of detail that this map has and we are sure that the fact it is dark will mean that you can play the game more strategically where you can hide and set ambushes as it will be harder for the enemy to see where you are.

As well as Nivelle Nights which is going to be released in June. EA have said that there will be another night time map, Prise de Tahure which is going to be released shortly after the first nigh map.

We have had a ton of fun with Battlefield 1 and so have many other gamers all around the world so it is very exciting to be getting the chance to wage war on a brand new map, but not just any map. A map that may actually be the most gorgeous one in the whole game. The trenches and the lights in the background really do shine and we think EA have done an amazing job.


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