Tips For Gears Of War 4 Horde Mode

Tips For Gears Of War 4 Horde Mode

A couple of our most popular modded controllers are our Blue Modded Xbox One Controller and our 6000 Mode Modded Controllers Xbox One. One of the most popular games that people like to play with our modded controllers is Gears Of War 4. Active Reload is an awesome mod that our Xbox One controllers have and it makes sure you never mess up a reload again! But to help you out a little bit more we a couple of excellent tips for Gears Of War 4 horde mode!

Have The Right Team

Picking the right team to play with is essential for getting far in Horde mode. But knowing what the right team is, is really hard. But one thing we suggest is that you always make sure you have a Scout so that they can collect power which will help with fortifications. Also, you need to have an Engineer so that they can repair fortifications. Adding these two classes to your team will greatly help you get further in horde mode.

Grind On Easy

Look, we know that your pride is telling you to jump into hard mode, but this is a huge mistake. Even for a GOW veteran. You need to be at a decent level before you take on the higher and more difficult levels. No matter how good a Gears Of War player you are. If you try and jump straight into hard mode, you will get wrecked. Use the easier modes to level up your classes. Remember the higher you level up the more cards you can use to improve your characters which will help with the harder game modes! 


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