What You Need To Do Before You Start A Game Of COD

What You Need To Do Before You Start A Game Of COD!

Today we are having a little fun. As you know we offer the best quality and best priced modded controllers for PC,PS4, and Xbox One. We also have a ton of other cool stuff as well. Call Of Duty is a game that most of us here in the Mods “R” Us office have put hundreds and hundreds of hours into. Rather than give you the basic COD tips you already know. Today we are looking at the things you need to do before you play Call Of Duty to make sure your gaming sessions ready!


No not in your pants, but go to the bathroom before you start. Most Call Of Duty games have about ten screens before you even get to the main menu so fire the game up and then go! You do not want to have to run out of the middle of a game, cause you drank too much Pepsi.

Snacks Are A Must

Look, we all know that one game of Call Of Duty can turn into three then five and then before you know it a couple of hours have passed. Do not let yourself waste away! Have a good selection of snacks ready and waiting, hell even just having a pack of cookies will work. You just do not want to have to leave the game to go into the kitchen because you are starving.

Get Ready For Fun!

Seriously! Far too many folks take COD way to serious and forget it is all about having fun. When you fire up the game (whichever one it may be) make sure you are in the mindset of it going to be fun. Do not get all hung up on the K/D. Just focus on having some fun and be ready to mute any players who are getting on your nerves, but do not be scared to strike up a conversation with a dude or girl who seems cool!


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